RYU Chua

Senior DevOps

Updated: 14th March 2018

Hello, I'm RYU Chua, if you are looking for a Tech Co-Founder / CTO for startup, feel free to discover my profile. Thanks.



My name is RYU Chua Boon Yew, a senior DevOps specialized in web application development using PHP + Yii Framework. I am also an Linux enthusiast, it had been my daily operating system for the pass 15 years, due to its stability and free as in free beer. I believe technology can bring a better life for humanbeing, and I know it is my mission to contribute my talent to make a better tomorrow.

  • 25 Oct 1986, 36 years old
  • Live in: Kulaijaya, Johor, Malaysia
  • +60 (016) 7900392
  • zr(toy)elh.zl
  • Available for freelance project!
  • Available for co-founding!
  • Available for tech startup!
  • Strongly recommended!


Norms / Habits / Daily Needs

Active Skills

Inactive Skills (To Be Recall)



March 2018 - Future

Alpstein Software

Co-Founder, DevOps

For more info about what we do, visit: alpstein.my

Anything interesting and serve the objectives:

  1. Passive income
  2. Work everywhere
  3. Happy & Healthy lifestyle

Nov 2014 - Feb 2018

Hermo Creative Sdn. Bhd.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  1. Leading the Tech Stack & Team behind the scene of Malaysia No. 1 Beauty Ecommerce: hermo.my & hermo.sg

  1. Completely In-house build ERP System
    • Warehouse Inventory System
    • Order Fulfilling System
    • Customer Relationship
    • Business Intelligence
    • many more...
  2. RESTful API for Web & App
  3. Android & iOS App

  1. https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/hermo.my
  2. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/hermo
  3. https://www.techinasia.com/gobi-partners-sells-stake-malaysian-startup-hermo-tokyolisted-istyle

  1. Build my own startup

Nov 2013 - Feb 2018

Hermo Creative Sdn. Bhd.

Senior Chief Web Developer

  1. In charge all technical part of Hermo.my
  2. Suggest enhancement for their daily operations/activities with Information Technology

  1. System planning, design, and development
  2. Patch system to follow management decision and enhance user experience and friendliness
  3. Manage the development progress

Mar 2011 - Jun 2013

Jobpoint (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Senior IT Executive cum Head of IT Department

  1. Project leader for all in-house project
  2. Requirement gathering and project planning
  3. Database scheme/table designer
  4. Core developer for each projects
  5. System implementer and trainer

  1. System planning, design, and development
  2. Patch system to follow management decision and enhance user experience and friendliness
  3. System/Server Setup and administration (both local server and remote server in Data Center)

  1. PHP Version of Sales Analysis Program (SAP, *not the ERP)
    • it is a records management system that help executive search consultant key in daily activity, and maintain their customer records, and sales history, and manage the invoice and collection.
    • it also help management to keep track staff KPI, and generate weekly, monthly and annual report
    • it is a original written in ASP.NET,VB.NET + MySQL, and running on Window Server 2008
    • we successfully port into PHP 5.3 + Yii Framework 1.1.5, MySQL and running on Ubuntu Server 10.04
    • include redesign of database scheme and data migration from Miscrosoft SQL to MySQL
  2. OMS - Outsourcing Management System
    • it is a records management system that help outsourcing division storing the records in systematic and centralized way.
    • it allow user to search the foregin worker records and know their current status with just a few buttons of click
    • it has a reminder system for users so that they will not miss out any foreign worker's VISA, FOMEMA, etc. renewal
    • report and statistic, and one click profile of each entity.
    • developed in PHP 5.3, Yii Framework 1.1.5, MySQL
  3. PHP Version of jobpoint.com v1.0
    • it is a original written in ASP.NET,VB.NET + MySQL, and running on Window Server 2008, with very poor search performance, and the user are not really able to get result from the search, which is not helpful to them.
    • again we re-engineer the whole project into PHP 5.3.x + Yii Framework 1.1.8, and change the database to PostgreSQL due to it is faster in query large scale data, MySQL has poor performance using InnoDb, and buggy in transaction, in our test.
    • jobpoint.com jobseeker registration and resume maintenance portal
    • internal job posting and candidate screening for company
    • JPAD v1.0, with old interface design and without Aapche Lucene Search Engine
    • 250k+ resume Data migration into PostgrelSQL 9.x
    • this is running on CentOS 5.8 and later on move the CentOS 6.2 64bit
  4. Jobseeker v2.0 - Jobpoint.com front end (system completed, but launching was delayed)
    • complete redesign of user interface with the same database schema
    • add in a few features that is not doable in v1.0
  5. JPAD v2.0 - Jobpoint.com Administration Back Office
    • complete redesign of user interface with the same database schema
    • new document parse engine to process resume file in specific format and push into our own database, Postgres 9.x and Apache SOLR (Lucene Server), 250k+ data indexed, and is increasing everyday
    • we enhance the search speed for more than 100 times compare to their previous system. thanks to Apache SOLR
  6. JIMS - Jobpoint Internal Management System (current, on-going)
    • it is the SAP, OMS Replacement
    • it is also a complete rewrite of SAP,OMS after 1.5 years of patching, integrating, and merging of both system, with new management direction.
    • modules include:
      1. User & Access Permission Management
      2. Human Resource Management, e.g. leave and attendance
      3. Customer Relationship Management, a.k.a the Business Development Management
      4. Executive Search Records Management, for sales records and KPI measurement
      5. Account A/R Module for handle invoice and payment
      6. Caching framework for computation heavy data e.g. Reporting
    • in this system, we also migrate database from MySQL to PostgreSQL 9.1, for trusted database transaction

  1. Linux - CentOS 5.x and 6.x
  2. PHP 5.3.x - with Yii Framework 1.1.x
  3. MySQL Database 5.5.x
  4. Apache Web Server
  5. Apache Solr (Lucene) Search Engine
  6. PostgreSQL 9.x Master & Slave Setup
  7. Twitter Boostrap 2.x for Responsive and CSS
  8. JQuery as javascript framework, of course (both Yii and Boostrap need it)
  9. Many javascript libs, e.g. Datepicker
  10. Git - for source control (bitbucket.org, as it provide private repository for free)

  1. CentOS 5.x / 6.x Administration
  2. Zimbra Collaboration Server OSE 7.0 Implementation + backup and restore bash script
  3. Squid + SquidGuard Proxy Server
  4. Apache Lucene Server Setup & Configuration

  1. Need a long break & refreshing my mind
  2. Starting freelancer life

Nov 2009 - Feb 2011

Solid Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

IT Executive Cum Programmer

MIS Support for All companies under Solid Group, which include:
  1. Solid Corporation -> 5 Branches over malaysia (JB,KL,IP,KK,KT)
  2. Twinco Far East
  3. Auto Empire
  4. Unipoint
  5. JBS Auto Tech
  6. HKT Auto Tech
  7. Jotang Wires & Cables

  1. ERP System - SYSPRO 6.0 SP2
  2. Networking - Firewall, Internet Access Control
  3. User Training - Computer and ERP knowledge
  4. Customized Report - Customized Report using .NET + Crystal Report
  5. Maintain Company's Business Website
  6. All PC and Printers

  1. VB.NET, C#.NET , ASP.NET, Crystal Report
  2. MSSQL 2005 SYSPRO Database
  3. PHP Company Website
  4. ERP SYSPRO 6.0 SP2
  5. Firewall Fortinet, VPN
  6. Window Administration:(window 2003)
    • Active Directory
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • WSUS (in progress, windows update services)
  7. Server Setup
    • Terminal Server for branched user to remote
    • File Server Centralizing the user's share file (ubuntu linux)
  8. Ryutilities (External program that interact with SYSPRO)
    Restructuring the current .NET 1.1 customized application into .NET 3.5, taking advantages of newer framework and fully object oriented using C# .NET.
    • Smart Client - Automation update, with "DDay.Update" lib
    • Centralized Authentication and access control
    • Error Logging, using Nlog.NET for easier IT problem analysis and support
    • Ryutilities Framework (a customer framework include many .NET reusable User Controls, for ease of future extending)

  1. 6 working days
  2. Being offered by Jobpoint - a Linux environment work space

Nov 2007 - Oct 2009

LEX10 Sdn. Bhd. (Bukit Jalil, Malaysia)

Web Application Consultant

LEX10 Sdn. Bhd. is a MSC status IT software company which provide IT Solutions for Legal Industrial, our core product LEX10 Office (The Case Management System, formerly Legal Office) which assist the process of conveyancing, litigation and so on.

In late 2007, Legal Office 1.x platform was planned to be migrated from Microsoft ASP Technology to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), I was in the team of migrating the platform, and the application renamed to LEX10 office 2.x

In 2008, in the team of stabilizing the LEX10 Office on top of Zend Framework 1.7.x, and 2009, I am playing the role of system implementation, application support and system enhancement.

  1. Design and develop modules follow the development road map.
  2. Provide system and application support for all our clients.
  3. System and application implementation and customization.
  4. Maintain application repository and update history.

  1. Application Platform Migration from 1.x to 2.x, from Microsoft ASP to LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP)
  2. Application Upgrade from 1.x to 2.x for 4 of the existing clients.
  3. Implementation of 6 new clients for version 2.x.

  1. Database and application development and upgrade.
  2. Linux Server setup and configuration.
  3. Communication skill between clients while problem reported.
  4. System enhancement and maintenance methodology.
  5. Good team player and Multitasking capabilities.
  6. Proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision.

  1. I miss my family
  2. Moving back to my home town (Johor Bahru)



University Tunku Abdul Rahman

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science
Computer Science
1st Class Honor
3.79 / 4.0

Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman

Setapak, Malaysia

Certificate of Pre-University Studies
Computer Science
Grade B

Sekolah Menengah Seri Omega

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
6 A's out of 9 subjects taken

Chong Hwa High School (CHHS)

Kluang, Malaysia

It is a chinese independent school located in Kluang Johor, after graduated from junior six, I had 3 years high school life living in school's hostel, and that was my first time leaving my hometown, I enjoyed those 3 years, it makes me an independent boy.


  • Self Independence
  • Fast Problem Solving / Trouble Shooting skill
  • Experience Programmer (PHP, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, JAVA, Python 2.5)
  • Strong leadership experience

Interpersonal Traits & Attitude:
  • Can adapt new knowledge in short time
  • Keen to learn more
  • Hardworking
  • Leadership experience
    1. Computer Society Vice-President. (2006-2007)
      Event Organised:
      1. ASUS CEO Program (Feb 2007)
      2. Microsoft Window Vista Launch (April 2007)
      3. UTAR's 5th Programming Competition (June 2007)
  • Award archieve
    1. First-Runner up in 4th Programming Competition in UTAR (2006)
    2. Outstanding Award of Final Year Project (2007)
    3. Outstanding Final Year Project:
      Project Name : Browser Based Multiplayer Online Strategy Game
      Client : FutureVision
      Duration : Feb 2007 to Sept 2007
      Role : Project Leader and core developer
      Team size : 4
      Software and Platform : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)
      Other Skill set used : AJAX, Flash, Joomla as CMS
      The project is to develop a browser based multiplayer strategy game, and there is 4 main modules, they are the GameCore, TradeSystem, CommunitySystem, and InterfaceDesign.
      I in charge of the GameCore - the main part of the project, which include:
      1. Designing game work flow and database structure.
      2. Develop Standard API and Libraries.
      3. All Basic Input/Output functionality in game.
      4. Other game functions except resource trading among user (done by teammate in TradeSystem).

Additional Skills:
  • Linux operating System (daily used as main operating system)
    • CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenSuSE, Archlinux, and etc.
    • Comfortable with Gnome 2.x, Xfce 4.10.x Desktop Environment
    • Apache Web Server Setup and Configuration
    • FTP, SSH, VNC, SAMBA Server Setup
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL Database Setup
  • Network Setup
    • Office LAN setup and configuration
    • Subnet configuration
    • Configure Firewall
  • Database Knowledge
    • PosgreSQL 8.x, 9.x
    • MySQL 5.x
    • Microsoft Access 2000 - 2007
    • Microsoft SQL 2000,2005,2008
    • Oracle v9, PL/SQL
    • ** Any other RDBMS (SQL Knowledges)
  • Others
    • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Programming experience
      • Shortest Path Finding (using different algorithm, written in VC#.NET 2003)
      • Hill-climbing search (solving N-queen problem, using C programming language)
      • Generic Algorithm (solving Machine Schedule Optimization, using Python 2.5 )
      • Neural Network (writing a digit recognizer, using VC# for digit reader and Python 2.5 for training process)
    • Virtualization
      • VMware
      • VirtualBox
      • QEMU
    • Remote Desktop
      • Windows RDP
      • SSH
      • VNC
      • Teamviewer